At the Sahl Hasheesh Summer Jump-Off, we are taking every precaution to protect the health and safety of our guests. Upon entry guests will be will be REQUIRED to wear a mask to enter the concert venue. Capacity will be at 300 per day therefore limited to ensure all safety precautions are followed as per WHO & MOH Standards.  


We have partnered up with local on-ground medical services and clinics to provide all our guests access to any required services. 


Through our partner Old Town Clinic, we will be making available on-location PCR testing in Sahl Hasheesh for those who will require a certificate for traveling or those conducting the test normally 

(70EUR Payable directly to clinic)


Masks are required for attendance & temperature checks will take place at both entrances. 

Pursuant to the Ministry of Health Laws, the entire festival footprint will be open air an throughout the 12.5km of shoreline. There will be three entrances to the festival at which all attendees temperature will be taken upon entry:

Event Guidelines to All Attendees, Event Staff, and Vendors are required to wear masks at all times. Masks must cover nose and mouth 

- Attendees are asked to and will be encouraged to help maintain physical distancing at all times    during the event. 

- Masks must be worn within the footprint of the event space on which the festival is hosted. 

- Masks may only be removed in the beach areas while swimming, or actively consuming food or    drink within the designated area. 

- Sanitizer stations will be available throughout the event footprint. 

- Handwashing stations will be located inside the portable restrooms. 

- Portable restrooms will have sanitizer located within each one. 

- Event signage will include information on requirements of mask wearing and physical         distancing. 



Food & Beverage

- Food may be purchase from Carnival Vendors and/or Food Trucks at the event 

- All food vendors are required to wear masks. 

- Food vendors will not have seating areas located near their service area.

- Food and beverage consumption will take place within designated seating area. 

- Beer & Wine will be sold in cans and will only be available at the various partner bars located around the event area and the designated beaches and zones.